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Henry Heyden SA has been founded in 1971 as a private banking company.


It has always been oriented towards a conservative philosophy of asset management.

The company’s classical investment stategies are:

 Primary Markets, First Class Securities, and precious metals.


For decades, the Society ha been characterised by tradition and ethical views. It has enlarged its range of services thanks to a complementary collaboration, in order to answer the multiple needs of its customers.


A small and specialised team of advisors who provides diverse skills and backgrounds is offering a strong ability to listen, to research and to treat whichever issue as a unique case.


The guiding principle of the Society lies in its tailor-made professionality.


In other words, the fiduciary relationships are held in the respect of the most classical professional deontologies.



Henry Heyden SA works in a tailor-made way using in a centralised structure experiences, knowledge and a professional network consolidated in the financial and commercial, legal, tax and fiduciary areas.


Henry Heyden SA is an active member of the ASG and is a multidisciplinary society able to provide as well non-financial services that improve and complete successfully its “wealth management”.